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The data extraction toolkit

The more you use it, the smarter it gets. Automized parsing for any kind of document, in any language, by anyone.

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Securibox PX


Eliminate manual entry, improve process automation, classify extract and verify more data accurately.

Iterate quickly

Remove recurrent operations form your process.

Integrated technology

Smoothly integrate into your process, to reduce friction.

Export control

Choose the type of export that suites you best.

Impressive accuracy

Over 95% success rate, classifying and extracting data.

Seamless for all

Train your document and extract the data in seconds.

Non-destructive Editing

Safely edit and submit changes to your extracted data.


Structured data

Whether you’re looking to extract data on a daily basis or simply once a year, get it all with ease.

  1. Autopilot: ParseXtract

    No config needed, ParseXtract is able to automatically recognise a document and apply known algorythims and rules to retrieve the data.

  1. Make it yours: Guess & Run

    Run new rules and define queries to extract custom data from documents or just retrieve the extracted data and generated queries made by the guess feature.

    "detailedLabelId": "3f18d4a6bb6979ea3e9f7bce6ac61abc",
    "extractedData": [
            "name": "Employee.Address.Line1.Literal",
            "value": "6 rue Galilée"
            "name": "Employee.Full.Name",
            "value": "ARMSTRONG Neil"
            "name": "Employee.SocialSecurityNumber",
            "value": "1580213483591 57"
            "name": "Employee.Identifier",
            "value": "0014"
            "name": "Payslip.TotalPaid.Amount",
            "value": "3 229,92"
            "name": "Payslip.Start.Date",
            "value": "01/08/2010"
            "name": "Payslip.End.Date",
            "value": "31/08/2010"
            "name": "Company.Name.Literal",
            "value": "Ma Soci\u00e9t\u00e9"
            "name": "Company.SIRET.Identifier",
            "value": "409563283 00816"
            "name": "Company.Convention.Literal",
            "value": "AVIATION"
    "id": "DemoTrial_20100831_Armstrong_Neil_0014.pdf",
    "labelId": "FP2A_2013"


ParseXtract API classifies and extracts your information. Explore the endless possibilities of PX and make it your own.

Account Payables

Extract data from invoices that can be imported to an accounting software.

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Credit Scoring

Gather data from financial documents to be able to measure credit rating.

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Cash backs

Extract data from receipts to evaluate ammounts that can be redeem.

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